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Nörofilm Productions uses neurocinema technology to make films, documentaries, ads, and TV shows.


Phase One: Scriptwriting


As soon as we determine what kind of project we’re going to be working on (see above), we then have to write the script for it. This involves extensive research to determine what kind of impact we want to have on our audience. First, we sample the viewers first, and run a battery of tests on them to study their brain waves, eye movement patterns, heart rhythm, and body heat. We also scientifically measure how the finished movie script – including particular words, sentences – affects certain regions of their brains.



Next, we integrate our findings into the film/project production process itself so that we can obtain the impact we’re seeking. This requires both extensive editing to the scenario/script as well as large budget on our part. Some scenes get nicked, others added, and others rewritten entirely.


Once the project is complete, then we promote and distribute it.


Nurocinema is widely used in Hollywood.


Nürofilm Productions’ team consists of the best, and most seasoned directors, neuroscientists, advertisers, and communication specialists Turkey (the country) has to offer. We are the only company of our kind in Turkey.


The choice is yours. Do you want an old school film, or a neurocinematic one?

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