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(Currently available in Turkish only)


Penned by renowned Turkish director and documentary maker Fehmi Gerçeker, Nörosinema talks about Neuruocinema, a relatively new branch of science that – as the name implies – brings cinema and the brain together, and has caught Hollywood by storm.


Gerçeker invites readers to join him on an exciting journey to explore such topics as neurocinema’s history, and human mind, psychology, energy, technology, artificial intelligence, UFOs, and neuroplazma.


The reader will find themselves – under the guidance of Carl Jung – hopping from Princeton University and New York City’s first “after hours club,” to a talking tree in Senegal, an encounter with extra terrestrials within the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Pilgalle’s (Prague) famous “water of Milo.”


They’ll also get to discover inner most dark secrets of Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller, Madonna, Alan Turing, Natalie Portman, Carl Hung, and Nicole Kidman, among others.


The author’s was himself once a student at the Jung Institute of New York , and even got to work as an observer at the psychiatric wards of two of the city’s more illustrious hospitals, Bellevue and Beth Israel.


Nureosinema is the first book of its kind. Plans to publish the book in English in the United States are currently in the works.

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