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Fehmi Gerçeker


Fehmi Gerçeker is the producer and director of various documentary films, TV  Programs and stage performances which were highly appreciated with several international awards.

In ‘70s he produced, and directed more than eighty commercial films with his advertisement agency in Istanbul.

In ‘80s, he acquired his master’s degree at CUNY, New York. He continued to live in New York City, where he directed various films, and TV programs.

He produced and directed “Behind The Camera” TV program series, by which he was chosen The Month’s Best TV Producer in USA, 

Mr. Gerceker produced and directed more than thirty documentaries, Cipango (the life of Columbus), Jazz and The Great Depression, 1513 Map of Piri Reis, (Ministry of Culture and Tourism Turkish Government awarded for the "Contribution toTurkey's Promotion in USA and South America ". Also same film awarded The US Department of Education’s ,'" Special Award for Contribution to History ", Tolerance Dedicated to Rumi {sponsored by UNESCO, Paris) won severel awards are among those productions.

The educational market of USA (universities, colleges, libraries...) distributed nine of Mr. Gerçeker’s films.

Also he produced and directed Geosophy (Wisdom of Nature) documentary film for USA and Çevrebey ( Mr Environment ) 40 min. 3D education animation film had shown in all elementary schools in Turkey.

Since 1990 he directs theatre plays in different stages of New York City. He is the co-producer of musical play "Just One World", staged in Berlin , New York and Toronto . He concieved and directed ‘Rumi Special’ stage performance, produced in Paris, Berlin , London , New York and lstanbul.

In 1980’s almost eight years; “Script doctor” and playwriter Michael Sayers worked with Mr. Gerçeker on several film scripts and stage projects.

He wrote books; in 2016 "Film Yapım Sırları -Secrets of Filmmaking ", 2018 “Kamera Önü Oyunculuk - Acting for Camera, in 2021 “Nörosinema- Neurocinema” (first book written on Neurocinema in the world...soon in English for USA and Great Britain)

2021.He produced and directed documentary film Walking Mansion narrated in London.

Mr. Gerceker produced and directed films and stage performances in; Turkey, U.S.A, Canada, Brasil, Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Cekya, Senegal, Egypt, and Cuba.

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